DermaLight 3000 The UV Irradiation Advanced Cabin

Full Body UV Phototherapy From Germany

DermaLight 3000 The UV Irradiation Advanced Cabin 2018-04-28T22:00:37+00:00
dermalight 3000
Dr. Hönle
  • The world famous German technology

  • High performance and economic therapy device
  • Latest & innovative creation
  • Compact and space-saving construction
  • Door stop either on the left or on the right side possible
  • Emergency stop button for patients
  • Operating hours meter
  • Vision panel
  • Dosage or time controller
  • Separate main switch
  • Built-in circuit breakers
  • Ordinary power supply

Dr. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany

The UV-irradiation cabin

dermalight® 3000 is a high-performance and economic therapy system for the full-body UV-irradiation. The variable lamp equipment with lamps of different spectrums allows a multitude of therapy forms, regarding the different indications.

Thanks to its compact construction the cabin requires only a minimum of space and suits flexibly in every room. dermalight® 3000 therefore is ideal for the use in dermatological clinics, surgeries and therapy centers.

Effective full-body treatment
The construction of the cabin ensures an even and intensive treatment of the body. This reduces the treatment times.

dermalight 3000

Conveniently quiet for patients and personnel
The special construction of the reflectors allows the complete abandonment of ventilators. By this the noise development is reduced to a low buzzing.

Compact construction and flexible use of space
The minimum expanse of the unit grants an optimum use of space. Thanks to the lightweight construction and the power supply of 230V 50Hz there is no need for construcional changes. The cabin is available with the door stop either on the left or on the right side, which grants a flexible adaption to the room.

Comfort and security
The cabin has a separate main switch, built-in circuit-breakers, an emergency stop button for the patients and an operating hour meter. Additionally the integrated line filter ensures the EMC-compensation.